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my Loki is gone - agnarsphotoden [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my Loki is gone [Nov. 19th, 2008|10:01 am]
i just got home from putting him to sleep. he'd stopped eating. he couldnt fight any more. just wanted you all to know. thank you all for the kind words in recent days. it may be a while before im actively online again.

[User Picture]From: thelovelynikki
2008-11-19 04:43 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear that. At least now you know he's more comfortable now and in a much happier state.
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From: avril_killer
2008-11-19 05:03 pm (UTC)
*big hug*
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From: mslivia
2008-11-19 09:32 pm (UTC)
Soorrry... He is very happy now. You take care.
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From: obeythequeen
2008-11-20 02:05 am (UTC)
I'm sorry. :(

If he could talk, he would definitely thank you for being an amazing owner and giving him the happiest life a cat could have.
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[User Picture]From: revel_in_raine
2008-11-25 04:51 am (UTC)
I just wanted to take a moment to convey my sympathies. May he rest in peace, and I the ache begins to lessen sometime soon. I know how hard it is to lose a companion like that. *hugs*
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: agnarsphotoden
2009-04-12 01:10 pm (UTC)
Thank You Queen Kandy. It's taken me a long while, but yes, i am feeling better. It's helped having my younger cat around, he's taken to being nearly a constant companion to me. So i think we've comforted each other.

i'm sorry to read about Your uncle. If the end is certain, i hope it's as peaceful and painless as possible. i know it's never easy though, so i am sorry You and Your family are going through this terrible time. :(
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