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Mesmerizing Women Toplist is reborn, yay! - agnarsphotoden [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mesmerizing Women Toplist is reborn, yay! [Jul. 28th, 2009|03:11 pm]
So, my mesmerizing women toplist got killed in early June, due to asshole spammer/phisher/hacker types screwing up my webhost enough they suspended my account and only put it back up without the toplist.

So i've set it up again on websitetoolbox's topsite hosting tool. Unfortunately i have no way of getting the data from my old sql database over to the new toplist, so it has to start from scratch. i'll try to contact the former members, but i won't be able to find all the old sites.

But please, any female run, female oriented site, not neccessarily femdom, or hypnosis related, please sign up! It's a sort of appreciation of all strong, smart, confident women.

The new address is:

[User Picture]From: inkigirl
2009-07-28 09:29 pm (UTC)
Will you help me set up my own top list?
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[User Picture]From: agnarsphotoden
2009-07-29 03:24 am (UTC)
i'm no expert, but i'll be happy to give some help/advice. You can email me agnar@agnarsphotoden.com or do You prefer some form of messenger chat? on yahoo as agnar_part_two. :)
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