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not a happy post [Nov. 6th, 2008|09:09 am]
[mood |devestated]

my cat Loki, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer in his intestines. he's been with me through so much. he slept by my side all those months when i was laid up after getting hit by a car. he came and gave me a kiss on the nose as i lay in the fetal position the day i found out my cousin had been murdered, and kept me company the entire day. he got me out of my funk when i was laid off by walking onto my chest and pestering me for food until i got myself out of bed.

i dont know what to do. i cant believe my baby is going to leave me soon. no matter what i do.
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An update about HypnoStory.com [Sep. 10th, 2008|02:39 am]
First something i'm hoping will take off, eventually. i've started a free hypnofetish forum. It's hosted on the hypnostory.com domain here: http://hypnostory.com/forum/

And is reachable from the main site, but it's meant to be it's own thing, not just about stories or my writing. I'd like it to be an unbiased, free community. Anyone into being hypnotized by women, or women into hypnotizing others, or those just curious about it, are welcome there. There's a spot to upload pics, videos, mp3's, or just link to them from other sites, along with discussion forums and links to hypno related sites.

It's brand new so not much there yet, but i'll try posting some links to good hypno video clip collections on youtube that i've found and we'll go from there.

So I'm up to 14 stories posted now on my free journal site http://hypnostory.com/

I had one "series" or "world" that was inspired by Lady Lita and the LLE, which i originally was calling Delilah's Domain, because i didn't have permission to use the LLE in these stories. But I have since gained that permission so I was able to edit the stories and use the proper names of the women I was inspired by when writing those stories.

I've got 5 different "series" (basically continuing the same characters, storylines, or "worlds") running of my own work, 4 or 5 stories by Shiri, and 1 story that's not part of any larger series.
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Just a note for anyone into moneyslavery/FinDom [Aug. 21st, 2008|03:36 am]
i also own/run the website www.moneyslavery.net and i have a free forum there as one of it's features. i recently added a new section there entitled "Audio and Video Samples" that is meant for Dommes to post when they release new video's or mp3's for sale and any samples of such items they wish to share with slaves to entice them to purchase.

http://www.moneyslavery.net/yabb/YaBB.pl is the forum address, please feel free to join and post about Yourself and how amazing You are, or send Your slaves to do so, as You prefer.
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i've opened a new website [Aug. 19th, 2008|04:52 am]

So, i've started a new site, it's totally free, supported by people hopefully clicking an ad or two when they visit. It's still somewhat in design mode, but i've got some content up already. It's going to feature text stories, mostly by me, but with a guest author now and then. Currently i have Shiri's permission to post any of her stories so i've got a couple of hers up now, along with a handful of mine.

i decided i needed to stretch my writing abilities and try full length, no photo, stories, so any constructive feedback or criticism is appreciated. This doesn't mean my photo den is dead, as i do want to continue it. But i hit a serious creative block awhile back and needed a change to get myself recharged. so hopefully starting this new site will help feed into my other site. But either way, i'd appreciate if folks would stop by the new site and post or email me with any problems, suggestions, whatever.
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Ugh. mtv wants to do a remake of rocky horror. [Aug. 16th, 2008|05:47 pm]
i for one am disgusted by the thought. so i signed this petition, not that it will help much. but it made me feel a bit better.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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This is pretty cool for me! [Apr. 2nd, 2008|12:22 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]

a new experience for me. This site just posted an article about me and my website, and the site owner did an interview with me too! Never thought of myself as someone to be interviewed or have an article written about or anything. *grin* This is just really cool and new for me!

Oh, here's the site link, duh, almost forgot it! http://www.hypnosisaddiction.com 
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reposting this for an amazing Woman, go see Her show! [Mar. 28th, 2008|07:35 am]


If a Midwestern looking girl came up to you in the supermarket, told you she was a dominatrix, and invited you to see her new one-woman show you would be talking to Widow Centauri -- the funny dominatrix!

Dominatrixes are supposed to be mean, wear black, scowl and scare you, but this sassy sister of sadomasochism takes a different approach. Taking it to the stage The Widow Centauri tells wacky stories of dungeon mishap, for the "normals" in her new one-woman show If Lucy Had A Whip. The summer 2008 tour brings this kooky character to 14 US cities including glamorous places like Buffalo, Omaha, and Salt Lake City.

People make a lot of assumptions when they hear the word dominatrix. Images of black leather, whips, chains, anger and abuse often enter into the ideas of anyone who only knows about S&M because they saw it in a movie. People assume that a performing dominatrix would offer a fetish performance fit only for adults, in a bar, with an x rated pornographic theme. They would be mistaken if they thought that about this show.

If Lucy Had A Whip is a simple and entertaining show that Middle-America is flocking to see. Normal people all across the country are curious about this exotic world and Widow Centauri is just the one to deliver it. A New England teacher said "Widow Centauri is so sweet and disarming she can talk about this stuff to anyone. If your grandmother asks you about S&M don’t try to rationalize it, take her to see if Lucy Had A Whip: Tales of An American Dominatrix." Widow Centauri takes the taboo topic of S&M and humanizes it. Her bizarre antics will make the most jaded whip wielder giggle with delight but her new pg-13 show is geared for a more vanilla crowd. This talking head type one-woman-show might make you think Spalding Gray returned form the dead as a sexy dominatrix.

Widow Centauri is an independent artist who resides in Hollywood CA. She holds a degree in creative writing from Antioch University and has studied comedy at The Second City. She has been seen on Comedy Central, Showtime, and Playboy TV. Widow Centauri keeps a blog about her adventures as a professional dominatrix at widowcentauri.wordpress.com

For more information about If Lucy Had A Whip, or to schedule an interview with Widow Centauri, email freaksofcomedy@gmail.com

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i figured i would start announcing site updates here too... [Mar. 19th, 2008|09:25 am]

Just a quick run through of the new content added to the thousands of manips and lots of other content on the site already.

In the Dommes section
2 manips of new Domme Clarice
a 3 picture photo story of Goddess Isabella Valentine
Wet Whispers, a hypnotic video by Nikki Fatale
1 manip of Mistress Persephone

In the WebDivas section
a 3 picture photo story of Miss Bianca
a 5 picture photo story of Kriztyle

In the Amateurs section
Photo Story 144 which is 15 pictures long


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*UPDATED PRIZE INFO* moneyslavery.net is running a contest for subs/slaves!!! [Feb. 27th, 2008|10:18 pm]

Forum address:

We're running a contest for the subs and slaves to win 1 month of free ad space for their favorite Domme. Here's the deal, you write a post on the forum with the title  "*your entry name* contest entry" so mine would be "ms.net-webslave's Contest Entry". The subject of the post should be on one of the following topics:

1. What does moneyslavery mean to you?
2. Describe your most notable moneyslavery event(spending spree, or single large gift or tribute) and your feelings during the experience?
3. Tell the story of how you first came across moneyslavery and what got you interested in it?
4. What is it about moneyslavery that keeps you coming back for more?

Your entry should be a decent length, no 10 word entries please, if you want to really be considered. The contest will be judged by moneyslavery.net and it will run from February 28th through midnight CST, March 31st.

Now for the prizes:
The winner will have their entry featured on the entry page of moneyslavery.net for 1 month, and for the winner's chosen Domme, a free 1 month banner ad in the top available spot on the toplist, as well as a free 1 month banner ad in the forum banner rotation.

Forum address:

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Mesmerizing Women Toplist... [Feb. 6th, 2008|03:26 pm]

I've created a new toplist called

Mesmerizing Women Toplist

It's completely new, so it will take a bit to really get going, but each member site will increase the benefit to all other sites. This list is open to Dommes, HypnoDommes, Models, Fetish Models, Cam Girls... The name is meant only to mean a list of women whose beauty, personality, and presence leave the men they meet thoroughly enchanted. i realize it's different to have such a wide open toplist, but my site features such a wide array of Women, i thought it was only fitting. I'm hoping to pass along plenty of new traffic to the member sites via this list, so please, take a look, and join if you want to.

Thanks, Agnar

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